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Patras, Peloponnese

The site of this residence is located on the coastline of Patras. The plot is a rectangular parallelogram with one boundary on the road to the east, and the other on the coastline, where the view of the sea and the setting Sun. The terrain is without particular anomalies, almost flat, except for the sporadic vegetation that intermittently blocks the uninterrupted access to the beach and the view. With these facts, the composition is subordinated to simplicity.

A line through and through, parallel to the road, parallel to the beach, north-south across and in the middle of the plot. The line is realized by a single stone wall, which cuts the plot in half since the rest of the house is white. Thus, both the World and the world of the residence are divided in the middle, where the entrance to the house is also located. Although here things seem to be the other way around. On the east side, towards the public, are the private spaces, bedrooms and office while, on the other side of the wall, protected, are the public areas, the living room, the dining room and the swimming pool. This forced inversion was created to open up the overnight areas to the sea.

The protected private areas welcome you first, organized in an off-white square in plan, cube-shaped volume. An example of their introversion - which has even internalized part of the garden - are the openings, horizontal slits that allow light and air but not the view from outside.

On the other side of the stone wall, the space - a golden section in the plan drawings - opens up in one piece, without interruption - thanks to the high glass windows - beyond the pool, beyond the trees of the garden, beyond the beach, where the gaze ends at the horizon. Thus, all the elements from this side become one space for one life, with the only difference being the part under the roof slab, a necessary concession to the coolness of the shade.

So, a line, a wall, makes it all happen, one World, even in reverse... After all, it is out in the countryside.


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