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The house is intended to accommodate a family of four. It is set on a rectangular corner site with an essentially North-South orientation and a gentle slope to the South. It is organized in two floors: the ground contains the entry space and the private quarters - two children bedrooms and the parents' suite – while the upper floor the public spaces - living room, kitchen, dining room and a semi-outdoor space that opens out to the pool area.
The building, formed by the assembly of two rectangular volumes into a T-shape, refers to two parameters that derive from the site and were considered to be important: its location on a corner and the beauty of the view to the south. The split into two volumes, allows the building to address each street, defining the corner, independently, while the elevation of the public space to the 1st floor captures the view.
The ground floor volume, parallel to the side street to the west , runs from public to private, so that at its short side on the main street to the north is located the entrance to the house while on the other side the main bedroom. It also provides the bedrooms’ wing with a protected interior garden to the east.
The 1st floor volume, parallel and closer to the main street, acquires a representational value as façade, protects from the north and allows for the living spaces to catch the sun and, at the edge of the swimming-pool, the swimmer in the World.

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